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Resident Evil 04

I tried adding the talk bubbles in with photoshop, which took longer then I expected but seems a bit cleaner. What do you guys think? Should I draw the bubbles in by hand or photoshop them in? On the cosplay front things are progessing, slowly but surely. Finally ordered the last belt item for Kennedy- his horizontal duel ammo pouch. Yay for e-bay. Still working on the harness which I think I'll finish tackling tomorrow... I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow so I can get used to the short layers in the front (the rest stays long of course heh) before school starts. Enjoy! 
[Comic 05 Sketched...in my head... XD]

Evil Residency

I'm not sure why this took much longer then the other ones, though it was probably because I ended up redrawing the original 03 and splitting it into 03/04 because I was cramming too much onto one page heh. So this is done and now 04 is already laid out and sketched up. On a cosplay update, got an exact match of Kennedy's hands-free light, I'm still working on the SOLAR harness (tactical) and I'm also making a flash bang to wear on the belt. Once those are done I'll only need one more ammo pouch and my shoes, which I'm getting in Mobile. ^.^
[Comic 04 is currently sketched!]

Leon the Ladies Man

Unquestionably one of the funniest moments at the castle...

Just had to share this.

[Comic 3: Final penciling in progress]

Evil Residency 02

Hey everyone! Finally got the second one up. I tried typing in the word bubbles and I like how that turns out much more then writing them in by hand. I'm amazed out how long it takes just to do a simple page heh... On a random cosplay note, I finished taking in the elbow pads and am about to start work on the harness. Oh! And Jill said she'd go as Ingrid Hunnigan! Now we just need an Ashley and a Merchant... I'm excited that this is finally getting going...
[ Comic 03 is currently sketched. =) ]

Evil Residency 01

Sorry this took forever to post up and get going, but thanks so much for asking about it until I got it done! I actually did try to color it (sadly without color, namely red,  the "umbrella" joke is harder to get), but I always prefer my work in black and white to be honest...so in the end I just went with pencil shading over ink. If you guys have any suggestions (make the print larger, load a bigger copy, have a swim suit splash page of all the guys- kidding, kidding... I'll wait for the summer volleyball incident for that one... :D ) please let me know.
[ Currently inking comic 02]


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